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Are you the greatest risk your company may face in the future?

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Are you prepared to lose one of your key executives?

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Who keeps the lights on and the doors open when you can't work?

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Do you offer employer paid benefits to incentivize your key executives?

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Buy-Sell Funding Plans

What does a buy-sell agreement do?

The executed buy-sell agreement establishes the how, how much, and when a business ownership interest transfers. It legally binds the parties to the execution of the agreement provisions.

Life insurance and disability insurance provide the necessary funds to fulfill the agreement promptly, efficiently, and on a tax-preferable basis.

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What does a buy-sell agreement accomplish?

An insured and properly funded buy-sell agreement accomplishes these things for you, your heirs, and your colleagues: 

  • Sets business value interest for federal estate tax purposes
  • Secures a guaranteed market (purchasers) for your business interest
  • Assures heirs receive fair market value (FMV) of your business interest
  • Ensures a smooth business interest transfer to purchasers
  • Grants business operation continuity for creditors and employees alike

Key Person Life Plans

What is Key Person Insurance?
Key person insurance is designed to insure the lives of your key executives. It helps you protect yourself, the company, and its creditors against the financial impact (loss) should one of your key executives suffer a disabling illness, injury, or premature death.

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Overhead Expense Plans

Are you unintentionally risking your business?

You are the primary income driver for the business you have worked so hard to build. You responsibly pay the bills and your vendors, plus manage payroll and operations. 

Would it surprise you to know that you may be your company's single greatest risk? 

Reassure your employees and creditors of the continuity of your business. We can help you keep the doors open following a disabling personal injury or illness. 

Who will keep the wheels turning if you experience a temporary or permanent health event? 

Overhead Expense plans provide coverage for the expenses of your business while you are 'out of commission'.

These plans give you time to recover or the option to execute your disability buy-sell agreement provisions if you cannot return to work on a permanent level.

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Executive Incentive Compensation and Retirement Plans

With over three decades of experience, we can work with you to put together a plan that offers your current and potential employees a variety of options, including 401(k), Simple IRA, 403(b), and SEP IRA plans.

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Do you offer employees a financially secure future?

Employee Retirement Plans are highly valued by employees and allow you to offer your employees the opportunity to invest in the financial security of their futures.

Viewed as a highly valuable benefit by employees, retirement plans can play an important role in attracting and retaining the best qualified applicants to your company -- which will help grow your business.

Do you offer employer paid benefits to key executives?

Your senior executives play a vital part in the continued success of your organization. We'll help you to structure a compensation plan that reflects your company's culture and incentivises your employees by recognizing the value they bring to the table.

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