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Health Insurance Can Be Simplified...

In spite of the legislative and product changes we continue to see in the insurance marketplace, we believe individual health insurance can be simplified. Our job is to help you define your needs, understand your options in the market, get your insurance issued promptly, and remain your advisor for all services, renewals, and legislative updates. Health insurance is easy when you rely on the strength of our agency and commitment to value-driven customer relationships. We love what we do and how it makes a difference in the lives of our customers. Call for your individual plan design. ~ Tim Bruner (678) 680-6061   ~  Sue Huff, CLTC (678) 680-6062

Which Medical Plan Is Right for Me?

Medical insurance can be confusing these days with so many options available. Our independent markets allow us to offer several different options and our job is to simplify those options for you. Let's see if a little information about each type of plan will be helpful to you in assessing your benefit and cost needs:

Who seeks private health insurance plans today?

  • Self-employed individuals;
  • Individuals who work where group benefits are not offered;
  • Individuals whose group plans do not offer spouse or dependent benefits;
  • Individuals who are seeking an alternative to the expense of their current group medical plan;
  • Individuals who no longer qualify as dependents on their parent's plans due to age or other factors.

What options are available?
Our markets provide access to HMO, POS, and PPO provider networks. Within those networks, you can find:

  • Copay plans;
  • High Deductible Plans;
  • High Deductible Plans with a Health Savings Account combined.
  • Individual PPO, POS, HMO Options;
  • Health Savings Account Options;
  • Short Term Medical Insurance (designed for individuals who only need their medical benefits for less than one year);
  • Individual Dental & Vision Plans;
  • Medicare Supplements;
  • Medicare Advantage;
  • Long Term Care;
  • Individual Disability Plans;
  • Foreign Travel Health Insurance Plan.

About Our Specialty Plans

Specialty Plans are unique offerings in the marketplace that bring an added measure of savings and security for our clients. If you travel internationally, please take a moment to understand why you may need a short term travel medical insurance plan. Most traditional medical insurance plans and Medicare have limits on coverage they provide outside of the United States exposing you to a large financial risk you may not be aware of.

To discuss your needs for these types of plans, give us a call at 678-680-6061. We always appreciate the opportunity to help you.

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