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About Our Specialty Plans

Specialty Plans are unique offerings in the marketplace that bring an added measure of savings and security for our clients. If you travel internationally, please take a moment to understand why you may need a short term travel medical insurance plan. Most traditional medical insurance plans and Medicare have limits on coverage they provide outside of the United States exposing you to a large financial risk you may not be aware of.

Innovations in Telehealth allow you to engage with qualified physicians over the phone, video, and other means for addressing common ailments often at a significant cost savings. Prepaid Legal Plans assist individuals, families, and businesses with the increasing costs of accessing legal advisors. It may surprise you to know that an estimated 50% of all Americans access legal services every year. From the simple Will document to the complex legal case, prepaid legal insurance plans can offer meaningful benefits at a significantly lower cost than the average Atlanta-based legal fee of $300 per hour.

To discuss your needs for these types of plans, give us a call at 678-680-6063. We always appreciate the opportunity to help you.

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