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How's Your ROR?

We hear people speak so often in our industry of "return on investment." We believe in something better than that. If you have exceptional products, services, and processes that matter to your clients, return on investment (ROI) is a natural occurrence and is self-generated. We think Return on Relationship (ROR) is a better and certainly a more comprehensive assessment.

ROR is based on trust, not products. It's based on knowing you have the support, expertise, and commitment of a team that stands behind you as you pursue your life dreams. It is measured by the depth of the relationship and evidenced by the ability to maintain deeply personal and trusting relationships over time. What's our ROR? It is the distinction and privilege to serve our third generation of clients and the honor of receiving the referrals to new generations that we consistently receive. Thank you for your trust!

Our Clients Define Our Value

Our clients tell us that our value is found in the personal approach we take to each stage of our delivery processes. From a referral, to a call, to an open and caring discussion of needs and objectives, to innovative quote designs based on those needs and objectives, we deliver value.

Our commitments don't stop there. We actually apply together for the products and services you need. We have over 25 years of professional underwriting experience. We specialize in getting the difficult cases issued. We help you understand what is involved in the underwriting process, prepare you for what it involves specifically for your case, and keep you informed every step of the way. Underwriting is our specialty and it's a uniquely collaborative process. We get it issued together.

Service is something everyone claims to demonstrate well. Very few live it day to day. Our days are comprised of contacting clients about their renewals in advance and discussing options. We assist with claims, insurance company billing issues, client administrative requests, client education, and proactive communications. Service is a process of commitment and one that is defined by the personal nature of the relationships we share with our clients.

We're proud of the value we bring to each relationship because our value has been defined and carved from our experiences with you, our clients.

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