Our Leadership

The Georgia Benefits Building -- Completed in 2008

The Georgia Benefits Building -- Completed in 2008

Access to our leadership team at any time is one of the greatest things we offer at Georgia Benefits, Inc. We're proud of their talents and their tenure. Our leadership team has been with us for many years. Mr. Haglund is the founder of our company and has served individual clients, employers, and employees alike for over 25 years. Spend a few minutes with us. Get to know us a little bit. We're a fun group with a seriousness about our business commitments.

Collectively, we enjoy solving problems, creating innovative solutions, and talking with our clients. Our clients are our family away from home. We laugh together, we inspire one another, and yes, sometimes we cry along the way when our clients encounter physical, emotional, or financial crises in their lives. Some would call us emotional. We honor that. We call it caring and approaching our business with compassion and humanity.

Meet Our Team

Eric Haglund

(678) 680-6060


A graduate of the University of Georgia, Terry School of Business. A licensed insurance professional. A licensed registered representative. An experienced employee benefits and personal benefits advisor. The Founder and Principal...
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Joan Thai

Underwriting & Customer Service

(678) 680-6067


Over 15 Years underwriting and customer service experience. Licensing and contracting specialist. Georgia Benefits employee for over 8 years.
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Reina Ruiz

Director of Underwriting & Operations

(678) 680-6063


A specialist in underwriting with over 28 years of professional underwriting experience. A Director of Georgia Benefits, Inc. An extraordinary problem solver, and employee of Georgia Benefits for 10 years.
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Sue Huff, CLTC

Sales Representative

(678) 680-6062


A licensed insurance agent. A Certified Long Term Care Consultant. An Ordained Deacon in the Episcopal Church.

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Tim Bruner

Sales representative

(678) 680-6061


A Georgia native. A graduate of Georgia State University, J. Mack Robinson College of Business. A licensed insurance agent. An experienced business professional. A President's Club Member.
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