Our Depth

Depth Commits

Depth in any business organization is a reflection of its commitment to quality. For us, depth reflects our commitment to businesses and individuals for A and A+ rated insurance companies with a proven history of:

  • Financial strength
  • Highly competitive pricing structures
  • Innovative benefit designs, and
  • Most importantly, exceptional customer service.

By focusing on the depth of our independent insurance market portfolio, we create immeasurable value for our clients from their conference room to their family room.

Depth Anticipates

We believe the depth of a product and service portfolio is determined by how we anticipate, fill, and exceed the needs of our clients. In our opinion, depth is not an option, it is a portfolio imperative. Our products, markets, and services reflect and anticipate the needs of our customers. We like to be on the forefront of innovation in all of our offerings. We also track emerging trends, anticipating where the markets are headed, legislation is pending, and where our clients may be exposed to new risks. Similarly, our portfolio pursues cost efficiency. We have a responsibility to our clients and an obligation to take their dollar value farther, wherever possible.

Depth Delivers

Depth delivers and it does so consistently. We love to deliver on time, if not earlier than expected. We also love to deliver the unexpected in terms of benefits and savings. In that sense, we contribute to more than just outstanding risk management for our clients. Any savings we can accomplish for our clients contributes to their personal wealth and well-being. We love to actively participate in the accomplishment of their dreams.

Personal Life Insurance & Annuity Plans

  • Term Life Insurance;
  • Universal Life Insurance;
  • Whole Life Insurance;
  • Single Premium Annuities;
  • Flexible Premium Annuities;
  • Long Term Care;
  • Individual Disability Plans.

Individual Health Insurance Plans

  • Individual PPO, POS, HMO Options;
  • Health Savings Account Options;
  • Short Term Medical Insurance;
  • Individual Dental & Vision Plans;
  • Medicare Supplements;
  • Long Term Care;
  • Individual Disability Plans.

Lifetime Customer Service

  • Annual Reviews;
  • Quarterly TouchPoints;
  • Client Education & Tools;
  • Claims Support;
  • Billing Assistance;
  • Account Administration;
  • Proactive Renewal Shopping.

Employer Sponsored Plans

  • Group Life & Medical Plans;
  • Dental & Vision Plans;
  • Short & Long Term Disability Plans;
  • Qualified Retirement Plans;
  • Voluntary Payroll Deduction Plans;
  • Accident Plans.

Business Risk Management Plans

  • Buy-Sell Insurance Plans;
  • Key Person Life & Disability Plans;
  • Business Overhead Expense Plans;
  • Executive Incentive Compensation Plans.

Innovative Specialty Plans

  • Pre-Paid Legal Plans;
  • Telehealth Services with HealthNow MD;
  • Foreign Travel Health Insurance Plans.

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