Prepaid Legal Plans

What Are Prepaid Legal Plans?

According to the American Bar Association in 2003, approximately 50% of all U.S. citizens require the services of an attorney each year. As a result, many individuals and small businesses are turning to prepaid legal insurance plans to cover the rising costs of attorney services. For a monthly subscription fee, subscribers of prepaid legal services have access to attorneys for simple consultation and advice regarding common documents such as a will. Other subscriptions offering additional services are offered at a higher monthly subscription rate.

The market for prepaid legal services is expanding as the need to access legal assistance continues to grow. We have access to prepaid legal plans in support of our business and individual/family clients seeking such resources. For additional information, please give me a call so that we may properly assess the plans that will most meet your needs. Let's talk today. ~ Reina Ruiz, Director

What Does A Typical Legal Plan Cover?

In most cases, you will find the following general areas covered by a basic plan for approximately $17 a month. Additional services can be added by purchasing a higher level of service (average $26 per month).

  • Personal or business advice;
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance (after hours legal consult);
  • Letters and Phone Calls on Your Behalf;
  • Legal Document Review (up to 10 pages per document);
  • Standard Will preparation with annual updates;
  • Other Documents Available: Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney;
  • Moving traffic violations;
  • Accidents;
  • Damage Recovery;
  • IRS Audit Legal Services;
  • Trial Defense.

Other types of services may be available to you with the member law firms at a 25% discount on fees. Be aware that different plans and companies have different limits and/or requirements for the different types of services listed above. Limits may be expressed as the number of hours and/or a maximum dollar value. Contractual hours provided by your plan may increase each year as you continue to renew your policy.

As with any contract, we strongly recommend that you read your policy carefully and be aware of its benefits, limits, and any exclusions that may apply. It is also recommended that you request a specimen policy to review in advance of your purchase. Know your benefits and your costs up front in any type of insurance or service you may purchase.

Who is Covered Under the Plan?

Typically, you and your spouse (or significant other) and your dependent children. Dependent children are usually identified in most plans as: never married, full-time college students (to age 23), or under the age of 21 and living at home. The definition of dependent also extends to any dependent child regardless of age who is mentally or physically disabled and you are responsible for their care.

How are These Types of Plans Offered?

Prepaid Legal Service Plans may be offered by your employer or they may be purchased on a stand alone basis through an authorized representative (agent) of the company. It is important to know who you are purchasing your plan through, especially if you are working directly with the agent. Complaints in the past have resulted from individuals selling prepaid legal plans who did not have the proper background, training, or education to represent the product. Ask about the agent's background and experience with legal insurance products. Ask what companies he or she represents for legal service plans. Ask what due diligence they performed on the companies they represent and how often they perform that due diligence.

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